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As summer approaches, the use of scarves decreases compared to winter, but one material is overwhelmingly loved and cherished even in summer - its our favorite linen. Have you already become aquainted with our Paola linen scarf, which is the number one scarf of the summer due to its airiness and classic colors? In truth, there is no place or time where a linen scarf would not be a perfect companion. But especially when out with friends in the city or on a cruise around the harbor during the afternoon, this linen scarf would be perfect. 

Linen as a Material

Flax is one of the world's oldest crops and can be used to make fiber and various oils, among other things. Flax cultivation actually peaked in Finland in the 18th century. This is due to the fact that use of man-made fibers momentarily reduced flax cultivation. But now worldwide production is increasing again as the value and popularity of natural fibers continues to rise. Linen fiber is widely used in clothing and accessories as these linen accesssories and clothing are especially good for hot weather. In addition, flax is also a very ecological choice for the sustainability conscious as a material during its cultivation absorbs carbon dioxide emissions from the air and mentains the healthy diveristy of the ecosystem where planted. In the textile production of linen, all aspeects of the flax plant can be fully utilized and since it is also completely biodegradable material no waste of the precious flax material is produced in the production of the linen.



Paola Linen Scarf

Our summer collection includes the Paola linen scarf which is in one-color, classic and lasts for years. The linen scarf is fresh and relaxed in style and it is very easy to wear with light summer clothes. Paola is 70x200cm in size, so it is easy to wrap around your neck in many ways. You can take a look at various scarf tying instructions on our Youtube channel for more inspiration. It is also easy to keep a linen scarf as a shawl on your shoulders to bring more protection from the sun or the coolness of the evening. The fresh and light scarf is also easy to match with a light jacket in the spring and brings bohemian layering ot casual wear. 





Linen is durable, when cared for correctly

Linen keeps for many years  if not washed too often with a washer or dryer because both maschines lead to unnecessary agressive linen fiber loss. The long washing program and, for example, tumble drying the linen scarf thins and loosens the fiber from its weave. Thus, the best way for linen to be washed would be to only hand wash and air dry the product. It is also important to note that linen can easily get dents and streches when it dries as it is a delicate wringkle material. Thus, you can either incorporate this look into your own bohemian style as is or alternatively iron a scarf whenever needed. 

Linen itself is a wonderful natural material, the benefits of which stand out particularly in our world of accessories. The fabric is resistant to abrasion and is highly breathable and moisture absorbent. Linen repels dirt, cleans easily and improves in use over years.

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