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For this Summer 2021, LASESSOR is launching its first orange scarf for sustainable fashion conscious, socially responsible fashion lovers in Finland. It is the ecological, conscious and sustainable fashion accessory that we have all been waiting for! Made out of citrus juice by-products, the fiber essentially solves at least three main issues related to sustainability – it reduces food waste from orange juice production, produces a fiber that has a low environmental impact due to its semi-synthetic characteristics and it creates wealth and a more diversified economy for marginalized communities that usually rely on the oranges for their income.

Love Nature ?... Love Sustainable Fashion Accessories

The orange scarf is a textile made by extracting cellulose from orange peel that is usually discarded during the industrial pressing and processing of oranges. The production of this fiber has a small environmental footprint as – in contrast to bamboo or vegan leather for instance – as it uses less water and energy, is produced from a renewable resource, is made of waste and does not use any GMO or cause soil erosion.

Social Impact of Sustainable Fashion

This innovative idea has thus the potential to bring allow textile industry to truly create sustainable fashion while also bringing job opportunities to the marginalized. According to reports from USAID, the citrus sector has been suffering from a consistent decline in consumption over the last decade. Thus, the use of this new fiber can potentially have an important social and economic impact for the communities affected – restoring or even increasing wealth creation and decreasing reliance on crop prices.  

Sustainable Fashion Products with an Impact

LASESSOR makes this premium fiber – which was first used exclusively as a luxury fiber – accessible and more widely known, increasing the potential positive environmental and social impact.

The lovely orange scarf with an orange flower pattern named Ariel has been made with watercolors by our Finnish designer and has been granted right to use the DESIGN FROM FINLAND logo. With its fresh light pattern, it is easy to combine with many clothes. This lovely and ecological material has also been enriched with citrus essential oils to have a caring, moisturizing and luxurious effect on the skin. Good for the environment and good for you.


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