File Description of Customer Registries in Accordance to the Personal Data Act

1. Register holder and contact details

Lasessor Ltd

Härkähaankuja 14
01730 Vantaa
E-mail: asiakaspalvelu (at)
Business ID: 0894587-7

2. Person in charge of register or contact person  

Timy Lassooy

3. Name of register
Customer register of Lasessor online store

4. Reason for processing personal data
The register is used for Lasessor online store’s order processing, marketing, maintaining customer relations, and other communication.  

5. Information content
Name, e-mail address, street address, and phone number

6. Data release
Register data will not be released to third parties. 

7. Data protection policy
The data is recorded in the database of Lasessor. The data can only be accessed with personal login information by persons named by Lasessor, either staff members of Lasessor, maintainers of the database, or other persons entitled to access through their work.  Persons processing customer register data are under obligation to maintain confidentiality.

8. Data correction
The maintainer of the register removes, rectifies, or completes faulty, unnecessary, deficient, or expired information in relation to processing, either by their own initiative or at the request of the person in question.