Rosebel Wool Scarf


Soft and warm wool scarf

The Rosebel 100% wool scarf is warm and feels wonderfully soft on the skin. The wool is from Australia, RWS certified and not molested. The fibers of the woolen scarf are 16.5 microns thick, which is very close to the thickness of the Kashmir fiber. Softer and more comfortable wool is hard to find. 

Due to its generous size of 120x120cm, the woolen scarf brings layers to your outfit. The charming floral pattern of the scarf was designed in Finland and the earthy tones were inspired by the nuanced nature.

The woolen scarf is finished by hand and has short 1.5cm fringes on all edges. Find the color that best suits your jackets from the five colors. The colors of the scarf are made to match our beanies.

About us

We have been familiar with women's and men's accessories since the 1960s. We strive to produce our accessories in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. All Lasessor scarves are finished by hand, thanks to which small differences in texture and color are negligible. Each scarf has its own luxuriously beautiful individual look.

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