Wool can be obtained from many animals. However, the word wool is most commonly used to mean wool obtained from sheep. The largest wool-producing countries are China, Australia and New Zealand. Of the European countries, the United Kingdom and the former Soviet Union produce the most wool in the European region. The most important property of wool is it’s good thermal insulation, which is also why it is best suited for winter wear. The excellent thermal insulation is due to the fact that the wool fiber is curly and thus, binds air inside, keeping the wearer warm. Further, wool has many other good features that make it a good material for accessories. For instance, wool is flexible, it does not electrify, it is soft, and it does not wrinkle. Woolen clothes also do not need to be washed often as regular ventilation is usually sufficient. However, wool pills easily as the wool fibers are scaly. Therefore, washing wool accessories properly is particularly important to be able to use the product for many years. When washing, a wool washing program of up to 40 degrees should be used. Also wool specific detegent – which is a very neutral detergent – should be used as much as possible when washing wool. Wool is abbreviated as WO.