Silk scarves should be washed as needed. If sweat and dirt are absorbed by silk it may degrade and weaken the silk fiber and thus the durability of your accessory. In addition, sunlight also can impair the color and durability of silk fiber. Thus, we recommend to treat your silk products with utmost care and always follow the washing instructions marked on the product. In our experience, machine-woven silk products can also be washed in a washing machine with a delicate washing program. We recommend to use a gentle liquid detergent for the wash and to wash the product at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. (Kindly note that machine-washing silk contrary to care instructions is always done at your own risk). However, it is not wise to tumble dry any silk products, as it harms the product. For hand washing, we recommend a short soaking time of the product. The accessory should be soaked in a sufficiently large pool of water. When drying your silk product, it should be laid out flat and and protected from direct light. For Dupion silk, silk organza, Thai silk, raw silk and embroidered silk, dry cleaning is strongly recommended. We also recommend dry cleaning for difficult stains, such as grease and wine stains. Stain removal should take place as soon as possible after the stain is created, as silk strongly absorbs color. The silk product should always be ironed from the inside. The temperature of the iron should be low, especially for thin grades. Switch off any steam and spray the iron instead of the product when ironing the product, as water may stain the product. Water stains can usually be easily removed during washing. You can also try removing electricity with Antistatic Spray products found in major department stores.