Cotton is a natural fiber that belongs to the group of plant fibers that are commonly used to create textiles. The fiber is obtained from the seed hairs of the cotton plant and is also one of the most commonly used clothing materials with many good properties: Cotton is a breathable material, does not itch or irritate the skin, is not easily electrified and is very durable. On the other hand, cotton burns easily, wrinkles, and does not insulate heat effectively. When buying a cotton accessory, keep in mind that cotton shrinks slightly during washing. Cotton also easily adheres dirt, which, however, is not very problematic, as the cotton is very resistant to washing. The accessory made of cotton can be machine washed and also be tumble dried. A suitable washing temperature is 60 ºC. If the cotton is washed at a lower temperature, the colors may bleed. The cotton accessory withstands ironing well at temperatures up to 200 degrees. To preserve the long life of the product store your cotton clothing dry and protected from the sun to prevent any fading or development of mold.