Knowing the care instructions and following them is important in order to successfully care for the garment or accessory.

If, for example, you wash a silk scarf too hot, the silk fiber will be damaged. The same goes for your favorite woolen scarf, it fluffs and turns into felt like texture. It is important to follow the washing instructions. Therefore you should take them into account when buying a scarf or garment. If the care instructions are, for example, only dry cleaning, you should think about whether you are ok to take the garment to the dry cleaner every time it needs washing.

Remember these:

  • Follow the washing instructions, including what not to do with the product.
  • The washing and ironing temperature markings indicate the maximum temperature, unless the washing instructions state "Follow the recommended temperature" or "Washable at xxx temperature" etc. Remember, however, that when washing multi-colored cotton scarf, do not lower the temperature as the colours can bleed.
  • Remember to sort your laundry, don't wash a wool scarf with cotton clothes or a dark viscose scarf with light clothes.