Kashmir wool is a wonderfully soft and luxurious fiber. It is obtained from cashmere goats. More specifically, cashmere is the underwool of cashmere goats. Goats live in cold conditions, high in the mountains of Asia, and because of this, cashmere is very warm. The name comes from the state of Kashmir, a mountainous region in northwestern India. The hair is collected when the goats shed their hair, and one goat yields about 500 g of wool at once. The largest producers of cashmere wool are China, India, Mongolia, Iran and Turkey.

Kashmir feels luxuriously soft, light and breathable on the skin and is one of the finest wool qualities. Cashmere is used on its own or mixed mainly with wool, but also with silk, cotton or synthetic fibers. Because of its delicacy, Kashmir should be handled gently. It doesn't need to be washed often, ventilation in fresh air goes a long way. When washing, use lukewarm water and neutral detergent and avoid scrubbing. A wet cashmere scarf should be dried by folding it inside a towel and pressing gently.