Grace Cashmere Scarf


Grace is a light cashmere scarf in size 105x190cm and thus works as a perfect accessory with your favorite jacket, bringing wonderful warmth in cold weather..The cut fringes all around the scarf give the classical scarf a fashionable modern and casual look. The scarf has a hand-painted spray-painting effect that brings an interesting and vibrant surface to the scarf, making the scarf easy to wear in many different type of occasions and with many outfits. The edge of the scarf has short fringes, which gives the otherwise classic scarf a slightly more relaxed look.The light weight and large size of the scarf makes our Grace scarf wearable in a large range of temperatures.

You can wrap the scarf around your neck in many ways to bring layering and femininity to your outfits. In the summer, the cashmere scarf can give an outfit a sporty look and is easy to use to warm the shoulders as the summer evening cools down. Luxurious cashmere is a material for the mind of a quality-conscious and elegant woman.

It also matches very well with many of our beanies. Wear & Love !

At Lasessor, we have been specializing in accessories since the 1960s. Our products are among the most popular and well-liked accessories in Finland. We strive to produce our scarves responsibly and carefully choose the factories we work with. As materials, we mainly use durable and responsibly produced natural materials. There are various production stages in the manufacturing process of our products which require precise craftsmanship. Thanks to our production experience and expertise, each LASESSOR scarf is a wonderfully unique and beautiful design piece.

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