Blog Post Series: Responsibility & Sustainability

In this new series articles, we would like to highlight a number of environmental issues within the textile industry. In addition, the Lasessor team will demonstrate how aspects of responsibility and sustainability are taken into account in the design to the product development stage of the products. Our designers  follow the development of the industry closely and are continuously looking for more eco-innovative and sustainable resources and production methods. The environmental impact and responsibility of our products are vital pillars to our product development. To start the series, we would like to introduce a sustainable and ecological fiber we use -  Lyocell. 

Lyocell - a Biodegradable & Recycable Fiber

Lyocell, also known as Tencel, is a responsible and sustainable raw material. The fiber can be manufactured from natural resources such as eucalyptus, bamboo, birch and pine, which makes the production process more environmentally friendly. When cultivating these raw materials, pesticides are not used as extensively as with other raw materials and, in addition, the production of this fiber consumes less than half the amount of water in comparison to cotton production.

Lyocell is 100% biodegradable and it has been awarded with the EU Ecolabel. Finland is also currently developing a sustainable Lyocell fiber called Ioncell, which uses paper cellulose, paper waste or textile waste in its production process. Apart from supporting a circular economy, Lyocell products are also versatile, as they combine the good qualities of natural and man-made fibers. 



Hortense - the Ecological & Responsible Choice

The ecological Hortense scarf is the perfect choice for sustainability consicous, socially responsible fashion lovers! The scarf is made 100% from Lyocell. The fiber is silky and wonderfully soft as a fabric, and it does not wrinkle easily. In addition, investing in responsible and sustainable materials is a time and money saver. When you choose Lyocell, you eliminate the need to buy new products so frequently, because the ecological fibers can be of better quality and thus, longer lasting than some man-made fibers. 

The delicate and beautiful floral pattern of Hortense scarf has been designed by our talented Finnish designer. The inspiration for the floral pattern comes from Finnish nature and it has been designed by hand in Finland. 

Wear and love!




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