The Loop or Infinity Scarf: The Easy Summer Scarf

Loop scarves – of the silk or modal variety – have long been favorites of our customers. Every Summer Season LASESSOR launches a collection of silk and modal loop scarves inspired by nature, Nordic minimalism and a touch of color. However, aside from the LASESSOR quality and design, there are many more reasons for the loop scarves popularity: This loop scarf style is easy to wear, it works well as a head scarf and the style always looks classy, even without any fancy knot tying.

The loop scarf – also called an infinity scarf elsewhere in the world – is actually a fairly recent invention. While scarves already appear in history during the Roman Empire, loop scarves only became popular in the 20th/ 21st Century. This version of the scarf – unlike other scarves whose main purpose is to keep you warm in winter or on chilly days - has evolved into a true must have accessory in women’s summer wardrobes. It is popular particularly because it is the perfect solution when there is a need to converge casual and formal looks to a practical but classy style for every day. As an addition to a casual beach look, for a stroll down the street or a more formal coffee with a friend in the city, the loop scarf can easily elevate a shirt and jeans outfit into a beautifully classy look – working either as a necklace, scarf or head band.


While the infinity scarf is a fantastically easy accessory which you can loop around your head without thinking, this loop scarf can also be worn in different ways to mix it up here and there. Depending on the moment, time of day or the outfit you are wearing, these infinity scarf looks can be quickly styled and even worn differently during different times of the same day – in case you want a quick change between events. 

The X Loop: The easiest and most common variation of wearing the infinity scarf is The X Loop. Place the infinity scarf over your head. Take the bottom of the loop and twist it in one direction so that the loop creates a clear X. As a last step, place the bottom loop of the X over your head again and you have a perfect X Loop Style.    

The Long Knot Necklace: The long knot necklace look fits particularly well with outfits that are one toned or simple and that need to be elevated for a classier look. Place the loop over your head. Take the bottom of the infinity scarf and tie a knot at 2/3 of the length of the loop. Now the scarf looks like a classy chunky necklace and gives a pop of color where needed.  

The Jacket Style: When you need to cover your shoulders or are feeling the chill of summer winds, you can use these infinity scarves also as a very light jacket. Put the scarf over your shoulders – like you would if you were going to wear a wrap. In order to fix the scarf, thread both your arms through the loop on either side and fan out the scarf so that it looks like a bolero over your shoulder.  This style is particularly good towards the evening when the sun has just disappeared and you need a little more warmth.


Unlike popular opinion, this loop or infinity scarf can also be easily styled as a head scarf – either as a head band, hoody or even a full head covering. These loop scarf looks are especially useful when you just want a new hairdo, want to protect your hair from the sun or wind or perhaps when your hair styling just doesn’t seem to work for the day.

The Head Band: This head band style works best with light silk loops as the material is very thin and easy to work with. Place the loop over your head, under your hair and let it hang. Then take the bottom of the scarf and twist it multiple times (how many times depends on how large the scarf is and how it fits) and pull the scarf over your forehead. Lastly place it over your head again and adjust the head scarf as needed.   

The Hoody: Often times the sun can be very strong in the summer, damaging hair or causing headaches if we spend extended times in the sun. That is where the loop scarf can easily be use to protect you while being a fashion statement at the same time. Place the loop on your neck and reach to the back of your head to pull the front part of the loop over your hair. Then adjust and pin the loop on your head if needed.

These are of course only a few ideas how best to use these scarves and there are many more. But this all shows that the loop scarf is the easiest and best accessory for summer. Thanks to the loop shape these scarves are the most user-friendly summer scarves.

Here are our 2021 Summer Loops 

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