Discover lovely Christmas gifts – with free shipping at Lasessor!

Christmas is almost here and for many of us this means having time to breathe and enjoying the good times with friends and family. Gifts are of course also a staple of this season. However, while it is lovely to receive gifts - purchasing them can be a lot of work. To ensure a hassle-free holiday season, we want to help you to buy your gifts effortlessly by offering a free Christmas gift shipment!

We are aware that the corona pandemic will affect many families ’Christmas this year. In a time that is so characterized by caring and love, it can be especially hard when isolation and distance during Covid keeps families apart. As a family business that strives to emphasize the importance of family and caring for the community, we want to help alleviate possible loneliness around the Christmas time by helping you share the Christmas spirit with your loved ones, both at home and abroad with the Lasessor gift delivery. Our gift delivery is an easy way to give a practical and beautiful gift to those you want to remember, thank, or surprise this Christmas.

Soft winter accessories for Christmas

At our website, you can find soft winter accessories that will keep you warm even in the harshest winter frosts for the whole family. Stylish beanies, scarves and gloves are available in the most beautiful designs and shades of the season. Lasessor uses ecological and sustainable materials in all products and produces responsibly. The Finnish Labor Association has thus awarded the Design from Finland label to Lasessor's products. By purchasing our accessories, you also support Finnish design expertise and domestic employment.

Christmas gift delivery with personalized greeting text

Add a “Gift delivery” to your cart and select the Greeting Card you prefer. You can even add your own personal Christmas greeting instead of a ready-made greeting text complete with a handwritten signature. We will take care of all the packing and shipping so you can send your Christmas present both locally and abroad. The gift item will be delivered to the mailbox or, if desired, also by courier to the recipient's door.

For Delivery by Christmas – please note the last order dates for the Christmas gifts:

Letter post (EU countries): by 14.12.2021

Domestic letter mail to Finland: by 16.12.2021

Small parcel and Postal parcel to Finland: by 20.12.2021

DHL Express (Europe): by December 21, 2021

DHL Express (Finland): by December 22, 2021

We wish everyone a warm and peaceful Christmas and thank our customers for the past year!




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