Silk Squares – An Extravagant and Treasured Accessory since 1937

In 1937, a famous French fashion house introduced the Carré - a large silk square - which since has become an iconic accessory and a well-known favorite of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and even Queen Elizabeth II. Still today popular with both young and old, the large size and gentle quality make silk squares a very versatile accessory that is easily adaptable to any style.

A Favorite Summer Quality - Silk

With summer approaching and warmer weather just around the corner, the colors of clothes and accessories brighten and the materials we wear become inevitably lighter. In Finland come April, we carefully store our luxurious cozy cashmere, alpaca or mohair and look to other accessories that brighten our outfits and match our summer mood. Linen and cotton scarves and, of course, the classic favorite silk square fill the front rows in our closets. It is these accessories that help us create refined and unique looks and pull this season's summer fashion outfits together.

The Silk Square of the Season

Here at LASESSOR we regularly design the classic silk square with colors and patterns of the season. This year, our lovely Jasmine silk square is the epitome of style with its luxurious floral rose print and squarely a must have for the Spring Summer 2021 Season. This 100% silk square in 100x100 cm in its various colorations follows the sorbet pastel trend that has been key to accent looks this season. This chicest style for seasons to come includes cool mint green, lavender and other soft hues which elevate the aesthetics of a 2021 summer look. Both trendy, iconic and at the same time a treasured scarf – this accessory is the perfect gift for the upcoming Mother’s Day. Why not treat your mom to something she will love and that will accentuate her outfits in just the right tones?

How to Wear Silk Squares

We had mentioned earlier that these scarves are very versatile and easily used in many different ways. However – we know this from our own experience – we tend to throw on a scarf in the same way without using the full range of traditional or trendy ways to style our accessories. And especially with squares, there are so many ways to tie them and stand out! LASESSOR recently filmed very illustrative videos on how Summer Scarves can easily be worn or styled.   Our video series includes three different ways to tie Jasmine silk squares. Starting with traditional styling all the way to the hottest trend of the season – head scarfs worn in the style of the 50s and 60s - LASESSOR gives you some inspiration on sleek fashion trends and classy looks. Our fist episode shows the classic look of how to tie silk squares.  


Gifting a Silk Square for Mother’s Day

So, if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your Mother this Mother’s Day, we have an idea for you. Why not gift her a version of this accessory of timeless beauty, popularized decades ago by stylish women: the Jasmin silk square?  Gift packed, with a personal note from yourself and shipped to your precious mama with the click of a button – we will make sure that even in these times – when visiting may not be possible - the day will be special.

Buy Jasmine a silk square as a gift for your mom HERE

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